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  • FTL: 2 - 4 days / LTL: 3 - 5 days

    Transport Sweden

    When you are looking for a reliable carrier for your transport Sweden, we are the perfect partner. We are proud of the fact that our customer base continues to grow and that our customers are highly satisfied with our service. If you have a shipment, whether big or small, that you need to transport to Stockholm, Malmö, or another location in Sweden, we can completely organize this for you.

    We can organize regular transports, as well as incidental shipments. We have a large network of carriers on the international and Swedish national level and can therefore assist you on all fronts. With our trailers, containers, and means of transport for special shipments, we transport everything to its place of destination, timely and safely. Transports to Sweden take place several times a week, so you will never have to wait long. cargo-partner views it as a challenge to help you with every transport question or problem and to make your transport Sweden a success.

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    Transport Sweden: cargo-partner offers many advantages

    cargo-partner is a major company with an extensive network, also in Sweden, and we can help you any time and any place. We welcome every order, whether this concerns a small, specialized, or large order. You will be appointed one personal contact person who is available to answer all of your questions and concerns before, during, or after transport to Sweden. In this way, we provide unambiguous and transparent communication so there is no risk of unnecessary misunderstandings.

    Finally, and importantly, we offer great prices. This is also the result of the large volumes we work with and, of course, our careful and economic business operations.

    Your transport to Sweden, organized down to the last detail

    We organize your transport to Sweden down to the last detail. You will not have to worry about a thing. Also, when switching to other modalities, such as a ship, we make sure that everything is arranged. Naturally, we also organize documents and other formal activities. When you present your plans for the transport of your shipment to Sweden, we will always look at the best and most efficient transport method, together with you, to minimize your expenses 

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    Would you like to know more or would you like a quotation for your transport Sweden? Make a non-committal appointment with us or contact us for a consultation by telephone. We are happy to contribute our ideas about your transport Sweden and can give you a clear price indication.

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    Transit times for transportation to Sweden

    FTL: 2 - 4 days
    LTL: 3 - 5 days

    Request: day -2
    Loading: day -1

    National and regional holidays and local driving restrictions may affect these transit times.

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