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    Transport Slovenia

    cargo-partner has years of experience in the safe and quick transport of varying cargoes. We have worked hard on building relationships of trust with all of our customers. Transparency, time-efficiency, and honest rates are the most important points to address. cargo-partner handles transport orders throughout Europe daily. cargo-partner is the right address for your transport Slovenia.

    To and from Slovenia

    cargo-partner is not only known for its customized solutions for transport Slovenia, we also organize transports from Slovenia to the Netherlands. Our years of experience, professional approach, and expert insight guarantee a speedy settlement and competitive rates. This is true for all transports to Slovenia, as well as for transport from Slovenia. Feel free to request a quotation, free of obligation, and make a comparison that will show you that cargo-partner is the right address for transport Slovenia.

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    cargo-partner has various possibilities at its disposal for transport to and from Slovenia. Whether this concerns a complete shipment or partial shipment, we can find the perfect, customized solution for you. Multiple times per week, trailers, mega-trailers, and volume combinations depart from the Netherlands to Slovenia, and from Slovenia to the Netherlands. Your shipment arrives safely and quickly to the desired address.

    Transport Slovenia: Rapidly

    Thanks to efficient route planning, no time is lost. We collaborate with carriers from the Netherlands and Slovenia and always choose the carrier that offers the most optimal solution for our customers. Two days before departure, you register a shipment for transport to Slovenia. One day before departure, your cargo is loaded. Three to five days after this, the shipment has been transported to its destination with the utmost care. Requesting a quotation can be done just as quickly.

    cargo-partner offers you a personal service

    At cargo-partner, you have one personal contact person; no endless searching for your file, or difficult contacts, but someone who recognizes you and will immediately look for the information you need. Together with you, we look for the best formula to ensure that the transport of your goods to Slovenia goes smoothly and quickly. It does not matter how often you have already worked with us: we guarantee professional service during every order. 
    Request a quotation today; your transport to Slovenia will depart next week! Or would you prefer additional information? Please feel free to call us. We are happy to answer all your questions regarding transport Slovenia.

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    Transit times for transportation to Slovenia

    FTL: 3 days
    LTL: 5 days

    Request: day -2
    Loading: day -1

    National and regional holidays and local driving restrictions may affect these transit times.

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