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  • LTL: 4 - 6 days / FTL: 3 - 6 days

    Transport Romania

    cargo-partner provides your entire transport Romania. Whether you have a partial shipment, wish to have general cargo transported, or have a full shipment, we are able to organize and perform every aspect of your transport Romania

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    As soon as we have received your request, we evaluate how we can realize your transport to Romania. In case of partial shipments, we look for a joint cargo partner for you within our extensive network to significantly save costs. You can always call (+31 475 - 37 12 12) or email us about this.

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    Your transport Romania with cargo-partner

    The transport in and through Romania presents a number of challenges due to the faulty Romanian infrastructure. Due to our extensive experience and extensive international network, we are able to professionally handle these challenges. After all, the main region of Romania consists of dirt roads rather than asphalted roads. By collaborating with local partners, we maintain the best overview of your transport. Our reliable, local partners are always informed of the local circumstances.

    Transport modalities

    We offer inter-modal transport, especially for your transport Romania. When you contact us, we discuss whether your transport to and through Romania is best arranged via the road or the railways.

    Your contact with cargo-partner

    On our contact page, you can find the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of our employees. In this way, you always know who you are dealing with, and that is a reassuring feeling. You will also have access to a uniquely designed, safe web environment where you can view the details of your transport Romania at any given moment. For example, you can check the storage status and the signed consignment notes. Even the driving bans are available to you, so you can make a good estimation of the status of your transport at any time. Would you prefer to have personal contact rather than conducting business via the Internet? No problem! Our employees are happy to discuss all the details of your transport to and from Romania with you during office hours.

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    Transport Romania transit times

    LTL: 4 - 6 days
    FTL: 3 - 6 days

    National or regional holidays and travel prohibitions can affect the abovementioned transit times.


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