Frequently asked questions

Which services does cargo-partner provide?

cargo-partner provides the following services:

  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Value-added logistics
  • Container transport
  • Intermodal transport
  • Short sea
  • Deep sea

What are the advantages of arranging transport and storage via Transcago?

When you arrange your transport through cargo-partner, we guarantee clear agreements and preconditions as well as running our own stock system that you as a client can access via our website to view details. We also offer competitive rates and fast lead times. cargo-partner also provides accurate information regarding the status of your stocks and shipments.

How much does transportation cost?

The transport costs are dependent on various factors. For an accurate estimate, we advise you to request a quote. We can then provide you with an estimate of the costs on the basis of your specific request.

Which conditions must a shipment satisfy?

A shipment must always be well packaged for transportation.

Are my goods insured?

Our transport services are performed as standard under the CMR and Fenex conditions, with the associated insurance cover. This can be found on our website under ‘downloads’. If desired, cargo-partner can provide you with supplementary insurance for the goods. To arrange this, please contact your contact person within cargo-partner.

Which certificates do you hold?

Lean & Green Star. Lean & Green Award. ISO-9001.

How many pallets fit in a lorry?

The 'standard' cargo-partner vehicles comprise curtain-sided trailers, tautliners, and refrigerated trailers. These have a capacity of 33 Euro-pallets (120 x 80 cm) or 26 block pallets (120 x 100 cm) each.

What is the maximum permitted weight per pallet?

For a Euro-pallet measuring 120 x 80 cm, a maximum permitted weight of 700 kg per pallet applies. For a block pallet measuring 120 x 100 cm, the maximum permitted weight per pallet is 875 kg. 

How much is the fuel surcharge?

cargo-partner keeps a close eye on the fuel prices. We look at the fuel surcharge on every first working day of the month, and if necessary we increase or reduce it. 
For further information, you can contact your contact person within cargo-partner.


Which documentation is required for export to Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey?

The original commercial invoice with company stamp and signature.

EUR.1 movement certificate, stamped by the Chamber of Commerce. This document is required if the invoice value is greater than €6,126.00.

An invoice declaration suffices for invoice values below €6,126.00. EX1 document, for exports.

This can be drawn up by cargo-partner if desired.

Is it possible to agree on a fixed loading day and time?

Yes, that is possible. We would be happy to agree on a suitable loading day for you. We can provisionally also indicate a time block for the arrival of the lorry at your premises on that day. It is possible that a trailer may arrive later due to unforeseen circumstances such as high traffic volume or extra loads. It is of course possible to ask about the shipment's progress on the day itself.

How can I find out the status of my order?

A simple telephone call to our planning department is sufficient. Our planners are in constant contact with the drivers.

What does warehousing entail at cargo-partner?

cargo-partner can offer you thousands of square metres of storage space and a huge number of possibilities for the storage and transhipment of goods. If desired, we can relieve you of all the trouble of managing your stock data and will guard your goods day and night. You will also have access to your stock status via the Internet, 24 hours a day.

Do the cargo-partner warehouses satisfy all regulations?

Our warehouses satisfy all applicable regulations and the specifications discussed and agreed beforehand. It is also possible to store hazardous substances and materials at cargo-partner, if they are classified as class 4.1.

Is it possible to store hazardous substances and materials?

Yes, that is possible. cargo-partner has its own hazardous materials warehouse, in which class 4.1 hazardous materials can be stored safely. However, we are obliged to exclude any liquids subject to the ADR European Agreement.

How can I request a quote?

It's easy to request a quote. Simply click on the button ‘Request quote' on the right of the page. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call us.

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