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    Transport Poland

    cargo-partner is your partner for transport of goods to Poland. Whether it concerns a small shipment or a large quantity of bulk goods, we have all of the possible trailers and volume combinations available to transport your shipment to its destination in Poland quickly and safely. Trucks depart for transport Poland to Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, or other destinations several times a week. cargo-partner collaborates with various national and international carriers and can thus solve any transport problem.

    Advantages of cargo-partner during transport Poland

    Due to the size and versatility of our company, we can always offer a customized solution. Moreover, we always work for a competitive rate. We provide transport to all locations in Poland. No matter where your goods need to be delivered, we can handle it. You will have one personal contact point within our organization to address all of your questions about your transport to Poland. Also, if you have additional wishes or a complaint, this contact person will ensure that everything is solved in conformity with your wishes. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount and we have been able to build a large and satisfied customer base since 1989. 

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    Transport Poland: The right modalities

    When multiple modalities are required, for instance the train, we can arrange for this. Multi-modal transport to Poland is one of the services we provide. We will always give advice with regard to the most cost-efficient and quick transport method. Poland is a destination we frequently visit and therefore we have a large number of business relations we collaborate with (e.g. for transshipment).

    Transport Poland: we handle the entire process from start to finish

    cargo-partner prefers clarity and openness and we like to make transparent agreements regarding our services. If you wish, we can organize the entire process. This also includes arranging for the necessary documents and permits, so you do not have to worry about your transport to Poland. We provide the most efficient route planning and organize all of the formalities. Thanks to our highly efficient processes and years of experience, we can offer great rates.

    Transport Poland: cargo-partner is your partner!

    Are you considering a transport to Poland? Please feel free to contact us, free of obligation! We can advise you and give you a non-committal quotation for transport to Poland. More information? Do not hesitate to call us or send us an email. We are happy to help!

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    Transport Poland transit times

    LTL: 3 - 4 days
    FTL: 2 days

    National or regional holidays and travel prohibitions can affect the abovementioned transit times.

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