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Since 2014, we have had a storage area for class 4.1 flammable solids. As a result of the sharp increase in demand, there are now three ADR warehouses with a fixed fire-extinguishing system that complies with the PGS 15 guidelines.

We can store the following for you:

Packed hazardous substances – not bulk
ADR Class 2: Flammable gases / Asphyxiant gases / Toxic gases
ADR Class 3: flammable liquids
ADR Class 4.1: flammable solids
ADR Class 6.1: toxic substances
ADR Class 8: corrosive substances
ADR Class 9: various hazardous substances.

Equipment Carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing system with 138 CO2 cylinders:

Our storage areas – and the protective equipment in them – comply with all applicable safety and environmental regulations and associated storage guidelines in accordance with PGS 15. We chose to install a carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing system, which prevents material damage after extinguishing.

Safety comes first:

Safety and the environment are of paramount importance to us. So alongside providing our staff with ADR training, we attend other training courses to keep up to date with the latest developments in ADR transport and storage.


Our central location near the German and Belgian borders ensures that we are easily accessible. We can store your materials in various ways, both in racks and on the ground, offering both short and long-term storage. We also provide storage for IBCs in specialized storage containers.

We can also provide a comprehensive solution for ADR storage and transport.
This includes labelling, quality control, and stock management.

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