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    Transport Portugal

    cargo-partner offers you the possibility to organize your transport to Portugal to your complete satisfaction. A close collaboration with reliable and local agents in Porto and Lisbon has resulted in the fact that we organize weekly transport to and from Portugal for transporting various goods. On average, two trucks drive from Portugal to the Netherlands, while five trucks with transport drive from the Netherlands and Portugal. We provide experienced drivers for the route the Netherlands - Portugal.

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    Choosing cargo-partner for transport Portugal

    Years of experience in the transport field in Portugal have ensured that we work with the best drivers who possess extensive knowledge of the roads both in the Netherlands and on the route to and from Portugal. Consequently, Transport Portugal does not only occur at a great price, because the quickest route is always selected, but also occurs at the agreed-upon time. A transparent service provision and careful agreements are optimally met by cargo-partner. 

    We employ competitive rates for transport to Portugal and various advantages for transporting complete shipments, general cargo, joint cargo, and volume shipments. When executing the order, we take into account your wishes and requirements to perform the Transport Portugal to your complete satisfaction. The experienced staff and expert drivers ensure that ceramics, clothing, and shoes are transported from Portugal to the Netherlands in an efficient way. In order to carefully manage your transport of raw materials and consumer goods from the Netherlands to Portugal, we make use of properly trained personnel. You can be certain that your goods arrive to their destination safely.

    Why choose transport Portugal with cargo-partner?

    Since 1989, cargo-partner has been the specialist concerning transport within Europe. The wishes of our customers are central to us and this is noticeable in customized transport, where, together with our customers, we look at the possibilities to optimally transport the desired goods. In addition to Portugal from our location in the Netherlands, we can also offer storage and transshipment of goods, due to which you do not have to worry about the management of the entire production and goods stock. If desired, we store your goods in accordance with the legal regulations, after which the goods will be transported to Portugal upon your request.


    Has the above information aroused your interest in transport Portugal? Let us inform you of the many possibilities of cargo-partner to organize your customized transport to Portugal, free of obligation. Our friendly employees are ready to inform you of the various possibilities by phone +31 475 - 31 12 12.

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    Transport Portugal transit times

    LTL: 4 - 5 days
    FTL: 4 days

    National or regional holidays and travel prohibitions can affect the abovementioned transit times.

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