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Transport Belgium

Even though the destination may be next door, a solution for professional transport to Belgium can often seem far away. When transporting goods from A to B, you want this accomplished as smoothly as possible; whether it’s from Amsterdam to Bucharest or from Almere to Brussels. For many years now, cargo-partner has been a household name when it comes to reliable international transport over short and long distances. We are your ideal partner for transport to and within Belgium.

Transport Belgium, close and reliable

With cargo-partner, international routes are literally around the corner. Roermond (where our office is located) is just a stones throw away from the German and Belgian border. There is a reason why we are a reliable name for transport Belgium. cargo-partner has a long tradition of successful transport to Flanders and Wallonia. The Belgians are our neighbours, and cargo-partner is very familiar with the Belgian transportation world. We have our own representatives in the Benelux. This allows for short communication lines. As a result, we can always offer the quality work that cargo-partner believes in.

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A different approach to each transport to and from Belgium

As many roads lead to Rome, we are able to offer various types of transport to and from Belgium. The transport of a few tons of sand requires a different approach than the transport of cargo crates. cargo-partner provides a solution for all transport needs, whether you require the transportation of a large or small quantity, full truck load, general cargo, groupage, or volume shipment. Every transport Belgium is handled to your specific needs and is always delivered with care.

Transport Belgium with cargo-partner, personal and professional

The roads we drive in Belgium are the same for any other transportation company. What distinguishes cargo-partner from the competition? The answer is you. We accustom our entire service to the needs of the customer. This makes every delivery unique. We combine personal care with professional expertise. In practice, this ensures super-fast deliveries with excellent service and workmanship, delivered within 24 to 48 hours anywhere in Belgium.

cargo-partner, the solution to all your logistical issues

Curious about the possibilities for your transport to Belgium? Please contact us for a free quotation. We will explain all our logistics services related to transport Belgium. We approach every transport with the enthusiasm of a first job and our many years of experience in the transportation industry. Our drivers travel to Belgium every day, on the way to a timely and quality delivery. Interested in transporting your goods to Belgium with cargo-partner?

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Transit times for transport Belgium

FTL: 1 day
LTL: 1 -2 days

National or regional public holidays and local driving restrictions may affect these transit times.

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