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  • FTL: 2 - 4 days / LTL: 3 - 5 days

    Transport Finland

    Are you looking for a reliable carrier for transport to and from Finland? cargo-partner has a wealth of experience when it comes to transport Finland and many other destinations in Europe, as well as many satisfied customers.

    What we offer

    The name cargo-partner stands for clear agreements and transparent and efficient services. We enthusiastically put these agreements into practice. As for transport Finland, we offer a weekly service. You can also come to us for a wide range of other services. Think of part loading, full loading, mega trailers or normal trailers, as well as value added logistics and warehousing. Our carriers are from the Netherlands and Finland, and we use highly efficient route planning. In order to successfully perform your transport Finland, we offer both road transport and short sea shipping. This enables us to keep the delivery times as short as possible. In short, fast and efficient service at a very attractive price!

    Transport destinations

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    Transport times and registration

    On the basis of Full Truck Load (FTL), the duration of your transport Finland is approximately two to four days. If you choose for Less-Than-Truck Load (LTL), which requires no ful l 48 to 53 foot trailers, the delivery takes five days. You can register your transport Finland up to two days in advance (at least one day before delivery). Please take national and regional holidays into account when registering your goods.

    Other possibilities

    You’ve come to the right place for your transport Finland. Did you know we offer a wide variety of other services? In addition to transport Finland, we also provide delivery to the following destinations:

    • Belgium
    • Germany
    • France
    • Hungary
    • Latvia
    • The Netherlands
    • Poland
    • Slovenia
    • Czech Republic
    • Switzerland
    • Bulgaria
    • Estonia
    • Greece
    • Italy
    • Lithuania
    • Norway
    • Portugal
    • Slovakia
    • Denmark
    • Great Britain
    • Croatia
    • Luxembourg
    • Austria
    • Romania
    • Spain
    • Sweden

    Want to know more about the possibilities?

    Would you like to know more about our transport Finland service? Or about our comprehensive services with regard to transport Finland? Do not hesitate to contact us or request a free quotation.

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    Transit times for transportation to Finland

    FTL: 2 - 4 days
    LTL: 3 - 5 days

    Request: day -2
    Loading: day -1

    National and regional holidays and local driving restrictions may affect these transit times.

    Modes of transportation to Finland

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