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Transport the Netherlands

cargo-partner is the best option for transport the Netherlands. Whether it concerns transport from or to the Netherlands, cargo-partner is able to handle both daily and incidental transport. Our office has a central location in Roermond, from where we can optimally assist and serve all of our customers with all manner of transports from and to the Netherlands. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can definitely be of service to you for transport of large, small, and partial deliveries throughout the Netherlands.

What does cargo-partner stand for?

cargo-partner is a specialist in the transport field in the Netherlands. Years of experience and expert personnel guarantee a transparent service provision and highly efficient planning of the transport routes; allowing you to profit from a great rate and delivery at the agreed upon moment. Our drivers have sound knowledge of and experience with the Dutch roads, due to which transport in the Netherlands will occur without any problems. 

We offer a broad range of advantages, including competitive rates for transport of partial and complete shipments and customized transport, in which we look at the possibilities to perform your order to your complete satisfaction. For transport, we make use of normal trailers, mega-trailers, and volume combinations depending on the shipment. The entire transport occurs under expert supervision of our highly experienced and especially customer-friendly staff.

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What advantages does transport the Netherlands via cargo-partner offer?

Since 1989, we have been involved in transport in the Netherlands in the broadest sense of the word. To us, the customer is king and this is shown in customized transport, where the wishes and requirements of the customer are central. Our location in Roermond has a spacious building allowing us to offer various logistics services. In addition to transport in the Netherlands, we can also provide the storage and trans-shipment of goods as well as managing the production and goods stock. This makes it possible to deliver and transport stock throughout the Netherlands upon the customer's wishes. 

Companies that require a storage space for chemical substances can also contact us. We can also arrange for the storage of dangerous substances in addition to transport in the Netherlands. Safety and security are central in this.


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LTL: 1 day

National or regional public holidays and local driving restrictions may affect these transit times.

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