Special transport!

Moving a complete pizzeria

We are often asked to arrange special transport. Last summer we moved a complete pizzeria from Italy, in the Rimini area, to the Netherlands, to Weert to be precise. We were asked to move a complete interior, including tables, chairs, wall coverings, lighting and sideboards right down to kitchen equipment and the ovens. We were able to arrange this special transport using one of our self-employed drivers. Since then, the brand new Italian restaurant in Weert called Confuso has been furnished and opened. Take a look at
But we do even more for Confuso! Every Friday, this restaurant has fresh ingredients flown in straight from Naples. Each week, Transcargo BV arranges for this to be transported from Cologne-Bonn airport to Weert.

A clear example of customised service and thinking along with our customers! This is one of the strengths of Transcargo BV.

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