20 years of Transcargo BV!

In the year 2009 Transcargo BV celebrates its 20th anniversary! A good reason to review the past and look ahead to the future. In our previous newsletter we shed light on the beginning of our company. Now you can read more about our past decade and we will even take a glimpse into the future.

Transcargo - 1999The summer of 1999 is one we won't easily forget. After a terrible storm, we were faced with an unpleasant surprise early the next morning. Heavy rain combined with strong winds had caused part of the roof to collapse into the warehouse we had at the time. In the words of a Dutch song, we literally had to stack ‘sandbags in front of the door'. It was a significant stroke of luck that no damage had been caused to our customers' goods and that the roof could be repaired really quickly.

At the start of 2002, it quickly became clear that we were again outgrowing our premises. We needed more space if we were to meet the demand from our customers. The plans for our current premises were prepared at the time. It is now a number of years since we moved into our head office on the Ada Byronweg in Roermond and we still use our premises on the Ringweg. With the opening of our new premises, we expanded our main activity of organising high volume transportation with additional services such as value added logistics (VAL) and groupage shipments. In recent years, the list of countries on which we focus has expanded significantly from Germany, Italy, Portugal and Greece to all countries within Europe and others far beyond.

On the basis of our strength and expansion over the past 20 years, we are pretty confident about the coming decades! Even though our current capacity is not yet fully utilised, we predict a further expansion in the near future. We will keep you informed via our newsletter!


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