Expansion of services

Intermodal transport
In our previous newsletter we had already announced the possible expansion of our intermodal transport service. This is now a fact! We now arrange transport of containers and trailers by rail from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to final destinations in Romania, Greece and Italy. Intermodal transport is environmentally-friendly, can carry heavier loads and requires less tollage and man-hours.

Short sea - Deep seaShort sea and deep sea
Transcargo BV always continues to look for suitable transport solutions. We are pleased to offer our customers new and improved transport possibilities. For non time-critical goods in particular, our new ‘short sea' and ‘deep sea' services offer a good and, above all, financially attractive alternative!

Short sea
We organise sea transport along the coast via the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp! Environmentally-friendly coasters sail without congestion to destinations such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Both containers and trailers are taken on board. As you are accustomed to from Transcargo BV, we also arrange and supervise the complete transport process from A to B!

Deep sea
Transcargo BV anticipates developments in the market and is continually searching for new transport solutions for our customers. We have recently expanded our range of services with ‘deep sea' transport. Sea container ships are still the world's largest transporters of goods! We have already organised transport with sea container ships from various countries in Europe to the Far East and from the Netherlands to North America and Canada.

Would you like to know more about our new services: intermodal transport, short sea or deep sea? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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