20 years of Transcargo BV!

This year, Transcargo BV celebrates its 20th anniversary! A good reason to review the past and look ahead to the future. This newsletter contains part 1 of our mini-series ‘20 years of Transcargo BV!'


Our company started at the end of 1988 in a small office with two people. Our main activity was to organise large volume transportation to and from Germany and Italy. In those days we served a few major customers. It is particularly noteworthy to mention that these same customers from back then still belong to our circle of loyal customers today! Over the course of the years, the service we offer has continued to expand. With the construction of our first 1200 m² warehouse in 1993 and another 20,000 m² of warehouse space and offices in 1998, storage and handling were added to our services. The number of staff increased steadily and we now employ 15 people. From the very start we have listened to the wishes of our customers and we place particular importance on customer service. We never say no to our customers; not then and not now!

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